Chair of Membership

Mrs Hill received her B.A degree from the University of Pennsylvania, in Economics and International Relations.  After graduation, she founded a computer software and education firm Mango Information Systems, in St. Lucia, W.I.

Lauryn Hill

After meeting her husband Charles S. Hill, M.D., while in St. Lucia, she relocated to Atlanta, GA where they started a family.  Their two sons; Charles Jr and Cecil Hill were raised in Lithonia GA, attending public schools and participating in all the many teams, organizations and clubs that made them an integral part of the South DeKalb community.  They later graduated from Morehouse College, Harvard, Yale – and Morehouse, Auburn University respectively.  Each of her sons is an active member of Rooms Around Campus, LLC.

Rooms Around Campus, LLC is a real estate investment and property management firm that specializes in providing Student Housing in the AUC community.

Mrs. Hill has worked as the Practice Manager for Hill’s Eye Clinic for 33 years, while also working as President of Rooms Around Campus.  Her interest includes; biking, swimming, gardening and travel.

She has a strong interest in the wholesome revitalization of the AUC community through the community engagement of the students/tenants who make this community their home.